How iBeacon Technology Works





Ibeacon’s lets a brand’s app detect a user visiting a point of interest in the physical world. Just as pixels are scattered on different sections of a website, beacons scattered in different sections of a physical location can be used to generate analytics and segments, based on user behavior in the physical world. Beacons Technology are nothing more than pixels for the real world. They are a lightweight tool built to detect user interest and intent.

And, as such, they should adhere to these principles:

  • Don’t isolate beacon data from all other data sources
  • Activate beacon data on all real-time delivery channels
  • Use beacon data to enrich user historical profiles

The real power of this new tool comes from integrating it into a larger platform that can combine data from all online sources (e.g.web pixels, mobile SDKs) and data from “offline” channels (CRM data, Point Of Sale data, etc.). It is also vital to enable more than push notifications. Beacon data should enable all delivery channels and should even be used as an input for user historical profiles. To learn more about iBeacon Technology JOIN TODAY