Millennial Board

Megan Gaglio-Retail Operations and Marketing Director at EMD Apparel Group


Megan works at a company that designs, manufactures, and sells women’s activewear, performance wear, loungwear, swimwear and intimates. Currently she is spear heading all web development / design, growing all full price accounts, implementing social media platforms and customer outreach, marketing and advertising, and some product development. Megan graduated from Marist College with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Business and have worked in the fashion industry for five years now. Megan currently reside in Chelsea but am originally from Honeoye Falls, New York a small town outside of Rochester, New York. Megan loves staying active by working out and biking around Manhattan as well as running and rollerblading. Megan is fascinated by all things architecture, art, street art, fashion, street style, dogs, and meeting new people. There is so much knowledge to be learned from meeting new people..because once you meet someone you are not longer strangers but friends; which are some of the best people to learn from. Fun fact is that Megan has a twin brother and never ever dyed her hair, her mom to this day still disapproves of the idea of changing her hair color. Megan believes in helping others and never saying “no” to an opportunity to assist someone else. It is important to be kind and have a positive mind/ outlook on life as it has helped give Megan the power to work hard, stay driven and strive toward her goals and aspirations.

Marla Marchant- Fashion Footwear Designer

IMG_1141 Marla is a UK-based product designer from Chile, specializing in footwear and 3d printing. Her interests and experience focus on luxury and bespoke fashion. Marla loves exploring new ideas and approaches and she is excited by how new technologies can be utilized in her work.Marla bases her creativity on conducting research and experimentation, mixing materials and techniques, while collaborating with other people with whom share her interests which intersects. Her practical experience with footwear dates back to when she managed her own brand in Chile for 2 years working closely with suppliers and shoemakers to manufacture made-to-order shoes for customers. During her Master’s Degree in Fashion Footwear at London College of Fashion she began her work with 3D print technology. Marla developed a conceptual collection that fuses craftsmanship and digital manufacturing. The resulting collection combined metallic 3D-printed high heels, geometric woven patterns and hand-made leather shoes. Currently she has also developed a collection of jewelry and body pieces, inspired by various micro-biological forms – Her final pieces will thus extend from the body in what she calls a ‘second skin’. She aims to enable everyone to play with her designs by utilizing the body scan data and the customization technology of Uformit platform. Marla would like to continue her work with 3D printing and how the technology incorporates customization along with body scan data technology that enables it being developed further opening even further new possibilities. But she is also strongly committed to traditional craftsmanship, therefore she believes combining these fields in her work provides even more value.

Prem Seelin – Wearables Platform Lead at Intel Corporation

Prem Seelin

Prem has entrepreneur instincts and is very passionate about technology and innovation. He loves sports and has a natural talent to play racquet based sports. He also enjoys travelling and exploring new places. Reading fiction novels is another hobby he enjoys in his free time. He had a fascination for gadgets right from childhood days when he used to rip open the desktop computer to see the different components that goes into it.

Born and brought up in Bangalore which is the silicon valley of India, Prem completed his Bachelors Degree in Information Science and Engineering and moved to US for pursuing Master’s Degree in Computer Science. He was very intrigued by the auto industry which took him to Oakland University in Michigan. After doing research projects in Chrysler and internship in GM he soon saw the downfall of auto industry in mid 2000’s. He got an opportunity to intern with Intel Corporation and moved to California in 2006 and has been there ever since.

Prem has been with Intel Corporation for over 8 years and has obtained diverse knowledge in the industry. He started off working in the PC group and moved into the tablet division working through multiple roles building rich technical and business skills along the way. He currently works in the New Devices Group as Platform lead to help build reference designs for the wearable market. He has a lot of experience working with OEMs and ODMs over the period of his career program managing worldwide customer enabling plans and providing technical support. He has also designed and built an efficiency web tool for the group to track the customer readiness which helped the group gain more than 50% efficiency compared to previous manual process. Prem has formed and participated in a number think tanks to brainstorm new concepts and ideas to present in various innovation forums which assisted in filing a few disclosures in the process.

His curiosity and passion for technology continues to drive him towards exploring new concepts and ideas and he dreams of building his own tech company in the near future.